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Optical Line Terminal (OLT)

TAINET's PON 8510, the Optical Line Terminal (OLT) provides cost-effective solution with maximum 8 PON links in the compact size box. Together with TAINET's ONU (Optical Network Unit) series, each PON link can deliver 1 Gbps shared bandwidth to up to 32 ONUs within 10/20Km radius range. Altogether GEPON Series is able to serve maximum 256 subscribers

System Feature:

1 pluggable MPU control card, hot swappable
2 pluggable OLT line card, hot swappable
2 power modules for redundancy

OLT port:
Max. 8 ports per box, 4 ports per OLT line card
Uplink port:
Max. 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 4 ports per OLT line card

Data rate:
1Gbps for up and down stream per PON link

Optical Fiber Type:
Single SMF fiber

Optical Connector:
SC type

Max. Subscribers:
Each PON port supports 32 ONUs, whole system support 256 ONUs

Max. Reach:
10 or 20 Km (optional PON transceiver)

Wave Length:
Tx: 1490nm Rx: 1310nm

Management port:
1 console, 2 LAN management port

AC+DC or DC+DC for redundancy
AC: 90~240V DC: -36~72V

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