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ETX-102 Carrier Ethernet demarcation device supports Ethernet private line (EPL) services with Carrier Ethernet attributes per MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum)-9 and MEF-14 specifications. It incorporates advanced Ethernet OAM features and QoS (Quality of Service) capabilities such as rate limitation and traffic prioritization per port and per service.

  • Fast Ethernet user ports
  • Fast Ethernet network ports
  • MEF-9 and MEF-14 certified for EPL services
  • VLAN-aware and VLAN-unaware bridging
  • QoS guarantees with rate limitation per user port and per traffic aggregate
  • Out-of-service loopback with Layer 2 MAC swap, in-service loopback with Ethernet OAM
  • Ethernet Link and Service OAM
  • Uplink redundancy with IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation or 1:1 dual homing
  • User configured fault propagation
  • SSL-based Web access, SSH-based Telnet, SNMPv3 and RADIUS security features
  • Remote or local management using the network port or out-of-band Ethernet port
  • Provides REAL (Reliable, Economical, Accountable and Limitless) Carrier Ethernet access
  • Reduces capital expenditures (CapEx) by allowing new service provisioning with existing infrastructure
  • Offers end-to-end control, QoS guarantees and SLA enforcement
  • Supports automated diagnostics and remote service management attributes, starting at traffic hand-off points
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Tainet Muxpro 820/8216

Today, as an optimized TDM technology, Telecom carrier's legacy SDH network is facing critical challenges in dealing with Ethernet based traffic. The more efficient equipments adapting to data protocols are required. Without change existing network infrastructure, TAINET MUXpro Series will provide Carrier Network new revenue source and bring efficiency

Telecom Carriers can use Ethernet interface on MUXpro Series to map data multiples of VC-12s by using Virtual Concatenation (VCAT). Two ITU framing standards are selectable, Generic Framing Procedure (GFP) or LAPS (X.86). The Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme, LCAS (G.7042), provides bandwidth control for service over Virtual coupon Concatenated channel. Network Manager, in real time base, could plan a bandwidth-on-demand provisioning service over SDH networks.

Incorporated with Multiplex Section Protection, MSP, MUXpro Series's STM-1 standard main links provide 1+1 dedicated protection in point to point constellation. On board 8 E1 interface and 6 Fast Ethernet ports design allows MUXpro Series integrate IP/TDM service. Applications like Ethernet leased line, Inter POP services and transportation for Mobile voice/Data networks could be triggered over existing Infrastructure. MUXpro Series can be conducted easily through Web interface, IP over DCC, VC-12 channels, telnet and Tainet Universal NMS.

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